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I have tried to provide several useful resources here for site curation, for those who wish to keep working on that. I will be stepping back for the foreseeable future. Make sure to click "Read more".

For no-effort debugging questions (vote to close as "needs more focus" or "needs debugging details" as appropriate):

Welcome to Stack Overflow. Please read [ask]. We do not find the bug for you here; we require a **specific** question - which will come out of your best attempt to [understand](https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/261592/) and [locate](https://ericlippert.com/2014/03/05/how-to-debug-small-programs/) a specific problem, and showcase it in a [mre].

Boilerplate response to "Can you help me?"

It [is not possible to "help you"](https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/284236/) here as this is **not a discussion forum**.

Boilerplate comment warning for questions and answers that make inappropriate use of eval and/or exec in Python:

**[Do not ever use `eval` (or `exec`) on data that could possibly come from outside the program in any form. It is a critical security risk. You allow the author of the data to run arbitrary code on your computer](/q/1832940). It [cannot easily be sandboxed, and proper sandboxing is harder than using a proper tool for the job.](/q/3068139)**

Boilerplate warning for attempts to use Python 2.7 for new code:

Please keep in mind that Python 2.7 has been **unmaintained, even for essential security fixes, since Jan 1, 2020**. It is approximately as old as Windows 7. If Python 2.7 came with your computer then **do not attempt to remove it, as this can seriously damage your operating system**; but please try to write code for an up-to-date Python version, make sure you have one installed, and make sure you can enforce that the code runs with that version instead.

Addendum for academic contexts (with a leading space, to tack on to the above - yes, it will fit in a single comment):

 If you are being asked to use Python 2.7 for course work, *strongly consider dropping the course and looking for something better*.

SEDE queries to help Mjollnir-wielders improve duplicate linking, and point everything directly at a canonical (once one has been identified):

Duplicates of duplicates of a canonical

Other targets of duplicates of a canonical

Please also check out the python-canon-discussion chat room.

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