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Do toki pona speakers, in practice, permit compounding more than three words?
15 votes

In general, we don't want to make descriptions so long and complicated as to be difficult to follow. That is more important than exact word count, in my experience (as an admin of the "toki pona taso" ...

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What are the main limitations of Lojban?
9 votes

One of Lojban's most famous features is, of course, its lack of syntactic ambiguity. While this is an advantage in some cases, it can also be a limitation. It wouldn't likely be an issue in something ...

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How to say right and left in Toki Pona?
Accepted answer
8 votes

One popular proposal that comes up in a lot of discussions on this topic is to base it on the direction of the official writing system (i.e. Latin characters). Thus "poki open" for left, and "poki ...

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