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Does Volapük contain any elements (order, participle, etc) not present in its European source languages?

The Volapük panoply of mood suffixes contains distinctions that were familiar to its audience through classicising education, but I think it fair to say they weren't in the immediate source languages: ...
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Is Schleyer's first sketch of Volapük available as a reprint?

To my big surprise the relevant issue of Sionsharfe is now digitised and freely available from Digitale Bibliothek München. The first sketch of Volapük at this moment still named only Weltsprache or ...
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Why are compound words in Volapuk hard to parse while compound words in Esperanto are not?

Esperanto phonotactics was never as restrictive as Volapük's. Its prefixes (including prepositional prefixes) are mostly not CV but CCV or VC, and its stems often enough begin or end with consonant ...
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