You're right that a 'la' phrase can't be inserted in the middle of a sentence: it always precedes a sentence, providing additional context (or a conditional). This is the only way I've seen used in the community. And by way of concurrence, from pu page 23, "[la] allows you to link two sentences, or link a fragment to a sentence." There are a couple ...


(I'm not an active tp speaker, so this is not based on my experience of usage, but just from the official book) You could split it into two sentences (as suggested in lesson 17 of TLoG): mama o pali e ni: tenpo lili la sina moku "Dad, do this: eat quickly" This has the advantage of having the addressee at the front, and it keeps the overall ...


This might not be exactly what you're looking for, but are you familiar with sitelen telo? https://imgur.com/a/A30SGum

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