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The easiest sort of conlang for English speakers would be one where the grammar of English is maintained unchanged, and you just add or replace a bunch of vocabulary. If you add a lot of new vocabulary for new concepts you could consider it some kind of new dialect. If you replace existing vocabulary so that the existing concepts are referred to with new ...


Be extremely analytic. Definitely don't inflect nouns. Keep verb and pronoun inflections to a bare minimum, and rely on modal verbs and adpositions as much as you can in place of complicated syntax rules. English inflection is so degenerate that including more than three forms per verb will be hard for English speakers -- you have slightly more leeway with ...


Start with "normal" English and restrict it by adding rules specifically crafted for certain communication situations - one widely used and successful example is the Aeronautical phraseology, which, despite the name is actually a controlled language.


Well, obviously plain English is the simplest language to an English speaker. You can simplify it it even further by restricting the vocabulary and get at designs like Basic English. Or you can aim at people with low competences in language or reading, for German there is Leichte Sprache in this domain, I am not aware of a special English in that domain (but ...

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