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Questions tagged [writing-systems]

Questions relating to the use of writing systems, both natural and invented, as relevant to conlangs.

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Brahmic conscript with European style [closed]

The scripts of South Asia (i.e. the Indian subcontinent), e.g. Devanagari, and Southeast Asia, e.g. Thai, are almost all derived from the Brahmic script. They show gradual visual relationships and ...
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How to distinguish [i] from [iː] in Cyrillic

Renglish/Рэнглиш (not mine) is an adaptation of Cyrillic for English. Most of the sounds seem ok, but how would you normally differentiate [i] in bit from the [iː] in beet using Cyrillic or would they ...
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International Language [closed]

I was reading International Auxiliary Language, but I don't like their setups. Because, mostly, they use Latin alphabets! And that, my friends, cause confusions! No matter what the letter was ...
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Generate random alphabet or glyphs?

Is there a good program for generating a new alphabet or set of glyphs? I found this which is a good start: I ...
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Is Russian a constructed language?

It is regulated directively by authorities even more strictly than programming languages! E.g. During the reform of 1918 they just forbade letter Ъ аnd removed all those letters! In some cases letter ...
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