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2 answers

Are there things that commonly end sentences other than verbs?

I'm copy-pasting this from the linguistics board because someone recommended that and I'm not getting any replies there. I'm not expecting much given the luck I've been having on here, but w/e. I've ...
3 votes
1 answer

Subordinate Clauses In OSV

So, I'm working on my very first conlang, which happens to be OSV (object-subject-verb word order). But I seem to have run into something of a roadblock. How could I handle clauses such as, for ...
5 votes
1 answer

Does the grammatical and polysynthetic structure of my language preclude poetry?

My conlang, called Pandemonic for now, is a language with OSV word order, that uses synthetic prefixes and postfixes to both nouns and verbs. Only adjectives and adverbs, which always follow the word ...
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1 answer

How do you figure out sentence structures in a conlang (or even when natlangs emerge)?

For example, the different types of language: Pidgin Creole Standard natural language Conlang It seems we could create a stepping-stone map going from pidgin -> "stereotypical natlang" ...
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0 answers

Are there languages with more rigid word order than English?

English is sometimes said to not rely on free word order, and instead have a "strict" word order. But I can find all kinds of cases where word order is still free in English: I walked ...