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8 votes
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Is Schleyer's first sketch of Volapük available as a reprint?

Johann Martin Schleyer published the first sketch of Volapük in 1879 in a rather obscure catholic newsletter named Die Sionsharfe. This newsletter isn't easily accessible, as far as I know. Is this ...
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Why are compound words in Volapuk hard to parse while compound words in Esperanto are not?

Of all the criticisms you see of Volapuk, one the most pervasive is that it can be difficult to parse some of the longer compound words. Which is pretty obvious. With all words being CVCVCVCV... and ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Does Volapük contain any elements (order, participle, etc) not present in its European source languages?

Volapük was designed back in the 1800s to be a 'world language', but at first glance, it appears to the layman (me) to just be a mixing of Romance languages, English, and maybe High German. Are there ...
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