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Questions tagged [vocabulary]

For questions about developing the vocabulary of a conlang

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Free word building in Interlingua

There is even a Wikipedia article on Free word building in Interlingua stating that it is feasible to apply derivational affixes in Interlingua productively even when none of the so-called control ...
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Do all words derive from one word form, or can one word form have many similar meanings in different parts of speech?

I am basically getting to the crux of my assumption in the conlang I am working on. That is, treating every word as a "base", which can be realized into either a verb, noun, or adjective, or ...
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Theoretical way to limit terms in a conlang while also allowing for distinguishing similar concepts/things?

I am working on a conlang (took a little break). I would like to limit the number of "terms" (single words, either 1 or 2 syllables) to less than or equal to 10,000. Given the word-formation ...
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