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Challenge: compress all of English into the smallest symbol set

Imagine mapping English to short codes, like “a”, “aa”, “abc”, “cde”, separated by spaces. How would you do it? In my opinion, this is very mathematical: because combinations of any finite alphabet ...
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With the death of CSUR, has there been any new Unicode proposal for con-scripts?

The CSUR (ConScript Unicode Registry) is — or, rather, with its last update in 2008, was — a project "to coordinate the assignment of blocks out of the Unicode Private Use Area (E000-F8FF and 000F0000-...
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How can boustrophedon writing systems be published?

Boustrophedon writing systems are ones in which the direction of writing swaps after each line. At least one conlang is intended to be written as a boustrophedon (in that case vertically.) Now if ...
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