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Questions tagged [tools]

For questions about tools for creating or maintaining a conlang, or about tools to do Constructed Language Processing.

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Are there any free resources for creating a customized keyboard layout for a conlang?

Are there any free resources (third-party or otherwise) that would allow me to create a customized keyboard for my conlang? While I have still not finished my conlang I am currently working on, I am ...
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Can IPA consonant diacritics apply to all consonants, or do some diacritics apply to certain consonants?

I am coding a successor to my "Der Spracherfinder 1.5" which can handle diacritics (among many other improvements). I want the option to apply diacritics but only to consonants that would ...
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Are there any free resources for learning conlang creation?

Where are some free resources available online for learning how to create conlangs? I'm very new to this, however I can speak one conlang (toki pona). I checked a few other questions this was marked ...
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What is the word-grammar transcription thing called?

What is the thing used under a sentence in a conlang that looks sort of like this: NOM-he.F-PAST said.F-PAST called? I know I probably used it completely wrong in that example, but what is this called,...
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What tools are there to make this alien language? [duplicate]

Probably already been asked before but here goes. Stevefan has traveled through some sort of trans-dimensional breach made of handwavium to another dimension where the inhabitants don't speak English. ...
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8 votes
4 answers

Is there an open-source set of topics and vocabulary for making a language tutorial?

Does anyone provide a freely available or licensable template that conlangers can use to develop a lesson plan? Specifically, I'm thinking about how a lot of language books divide vocabulary and ...
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3 answers

Are there any sites you can use to develop an online course for your own conlang?

Creating a conlang is usually only half (or less than half!) of the necessary effort: someone has to be able to learn it, unless you want to keep it as your own private secret code. I use Duolingo to ...
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What setting for the dropoff rate in a language generator will produce a natural English phoneme distribution?

In creating an ancestral lang for a hard-fantasy world that is based on the language of your home, you first have to understand that language. And for an impatient worldbuilder like me, the Vulgar ...
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14 votes
4 answers

Are there any free online conlang creation tools?

I was wondering if anyone knows of any conlang creation websites that are free to use. I know this sounds silly but I have little experience to go on as for creating a custom language.
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Does The Syntax Construction Kit cover any new material that isn't in the other conlanging books I've read?

I've got most of Mark Rosenfelder's books on conlanging except The Syntax Construction Kit (which I'm not sure I need). The conlang I'm currently working on is a 'holy musical magic language' called ...
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6 votes
4 answers

I'm constructing a language with some rather hard-to-produce symbols. Computer or paper?

My constructed language has 26 English letters and 30 special characters (plus four different accent marks.) The characters are slightly abstract. The closest I've gotten to producing them is with ...
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4 votes
0 answers

ConLanging w/ Raspberry Pi? [duplicate]

Is there any coding/program that can be used in raspberry pi for creating a language? Like the ability to create a dictionary with sounds? Or an interactive creative process to start making words and ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How do I do interlinear glosses for a conlang?

Already, in the meta there are discussions about if people should gloss their sample text. I find their argument persuasive that foreign text without a gloss is useless without several thousand hours ...
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10 votes
3 answers

What tools exist for creating syntactically correct generated text in new languages?

Another way to put this is, what tools exist to generate sentences in the same way that some conlanging tools generate phonotactically valid words. I've heard people suggest using word generators to ...
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19 votes
6 answers

How to keep track of a language?

At the moment I have my fictional language written down in a notebook, but as the vocabulary increases its becoming harder and harder to find words. I am adding new words all the time, so writing ...
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29 votes
3 answers

Are there any good programs out there to help when constructing languages?

Are there any tools out there to keep track of which works you have already defined, managing your lexicon easily, and storing conjugations and the like? Barring that, what are some good strategies ...
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