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For questions about the handling of tense, aspect, and mood in constructed languages.

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Is there any conlang that implements Reichenbach's tenses?

In Reichenbach's theory of tense three time points, namely the Speech time, the Event time, and the Reference time, an abstract time point from which the event is viewed, are used to classify the ...
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Non-decomposable TAM strategies

The agglutinative language I'm most familiar with is Hungarian, and the way Hungarian handles TAM is, I think, incredibly boring: separate T-A-M markers with no allomorphs that just get concatenated ...
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Naturalness and Intuitiveness of marking tense and aspect in the negative but not affirmative

I'm wondering about the naturalness and intuitiveness of marking tense in negative clauses but not affirmative ones. I'm also wondering whether a language with this hypothetical feature would be ...
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Need help putting modality in my language bad (realis irrealis system)

For my conlang, which is just a proto language so far, I want a realis-irrealis grammatical mood system because other than the verbs, it's pretty analytical, so it would make sense to use more ...
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Attempt to define verb inflection that is phonologically featural

My native language is Korean, which has a featural script, namely Hangul. Though my conlang isn't going to adopt Hangul, I came up with one question of curiosity: "Can there be a featural grammar?...
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