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Are words based on acronyms treated differently when the language changes over time?

Do sound and grammar changes affect acronyms, that can be pronounced as words, differently than other words in a language? Are words based on acronyms treated differently or not when sound/grammar ...
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5 votes
3 answers

What is the variety of ways one can deal with absorbing words from different languages in a conlang?

The conlang I am working on has very strict rules on word formation: They must start and end with a consonant They can only have single vowels between consonants (which can be in consonant clusters). ...
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Is there a set of sound change rules that undoes Grimm's law?

Zompist has a Sound Change Applier that comes with some example rules: [sm]//_# i/j/_V L/V/_ e//Vr_# v//V_V u/o/_# gn/nh/_ S/Z/V_V c/i/F_t c/u/B_t p//V_t ii/i/_ e//C_rV Is ...
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