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Questions tagged [phonology]

For questions about the sound systems of languages

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What would a language created by anthropomorphic and humanoid dogs look like?

I imagined a language created by anthropomorphic and humanoid dogs. The following phonemes are: The simple vowels are: /a/ as in French adolescent (which naturally means adolescent), /ɶ/ as in ...
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Is it natural to declare laterals and rhotics as a fortis/lenis pair?

I've sought for justification for the phoneme inventory of my conlang, but finally, I think I found one, at least for consonants. 순음 Labial 설음 Coronal 반설음 "Semi-coronal" 치두음 Front Sibilant ...
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Phonetics and Phonotactics critique?

Could you help me with a conlang idea I had? I want to make a language that has a solid amount of phonemes so I don't have to make words too long (I want the language to he agglutinative, so there's ...
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Should non-sibilant fricatives be treated like plosives or fricatives?

I don't like ending my words with plosives, because my native language tends to not audibly pronounce them. I prefer to stick to fricatives and nasals for codas. However, I'm unsure where non-sibilant ...
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