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Mathematical Quenya Symbol?

I found many sites where Quenya numerical system was explain, but nothing about mathematical opperation like : + - / * (I don't speak about advanced notion like x² or square), but there is nothing ...
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Famous or memorable ways make sequences of numbers express something?

I was thinking about a way to memorize arbitrary sequences of digits by having the numbers actually represent a language, have a second meaning. There are, presumably probably, infinite things the ...
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11 votes
7 answers

How should my conlang enable arbitrarily large integers to be said?

Whilst worldbuilding, I decided to make a conlang. It's named Leksah. Leksah is heavily influenced by the programming language Haskell. As such, Leksah has only 3 parts of speech: Literals, which ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Inventing A Plural Form For First And Second Person

I am working on the pronoun system for my conlang. The table below illustrates what I have ended up with so far. I am looking for suggestions on how - if even needed - to implement a plural form that ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Words for numbers in a language with bijective numeration

Bijective base-k numeration (or k-adic numeration) is a system of writing numerals such that the digits are 1 through k. Thus counting in bijective base-12 (such as my conlang Atili has) works as ...
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Usage of different plural systems in the same language

Let's assume a language once had an extensive plural system, indicating singular/dual/paucal/plural distinctions on nouns, pronouns, verbs, et cetera. Over time, as has happened in real languages, ...
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