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A constructed, syntactically unambiguous human language, successor to Loglan by the Logical Language Group.

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How does the Lojban "logic" of limiting gismu to very specific argument structures not run into problems?

Looking at the definitions for the many gismu, we find things like bakri: chalk; x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of chalk from source x2 in form x3 Why limit it to just x1-x3, why not x1-x30? ...
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How to say complex sentences in Lojban (understanding the basics of gismu)?

I finally delved into Lojban, and it is great so far! I don't fully understand yet, but getting closer. There is this list of gismu totalling 1342 items. Each one is linked to a page such as cmima, ...
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In logical languages, what is the relationship between subset relations and the Axiom of Choice?

I will use Lojban for this example, but any logical language with similar relations could be examined; this should be portable to other Loglans, at least. {cmima} relates sets to their elements; it ...
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Attach noi/poi-clauses to a selbri in Lojban

In Lojban, what is the right way to attach restrictive and non-restrictive clauses to a selbri? Consider the English example: It is the fourth-most populous city in California, after Los Angeles, San ...
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How similar are Loglan and Lojban?

Loglan is a predecessor to Lojban, and Lojban apparently directly grew out of Loglan. How similar are the two languages at this point? Are they more like dialects of the same language, or more like ...
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Can you construct garden path sentences in Lojban?

A garden path sentence is a sentence whose beginning suggests one parsing which is invalidated as the whole sentence is read and then re-parsed. Some examples in English (from ...
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On what license Lojban can be used?

Given the fact that inventor of the Loglan language started to claim his copyright on the language's components, and Lojban is basically a successor to Loglan, on what license Lojban is published? Can ...
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What are the main limitations of Lojban?

Suppose we want to translate the whole of Wikipedia from English into Lojban, what are the main known big limitations or concerns we should be aware of? In other words, does Lojban as a language have ...
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Does Lojban completely remove semantic ambiguity?

As a constructed, syntactically unambiguous language (Wikipedia), does Lojban also completely eliminate semantic ambiguity? If not, what are some examples?
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What does xorlo do, and is it an official part of the Lojban language?

I've noticed that many speakers of Lojban use xorlo, which is a modification branching off the base language, but finding explicit information about it is difficult. What does it do? I also know ...
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What makes lojban such a "logical" language?

The title says it all. While I have not studied it, I have repeatedly heard that lojban is an especially "logical" language, one that could even be a way to speak a "natural" language to the computer ...
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