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A predecessor of the Lojban language developed in 1955 by Dr James Cooke Brown.

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In logical languages, what is the relationship between subset relations and the Axiom of Choice?

I will use Lojban for this example, but any logical language with similar relations could be examined; this should be portable to other Loglans, at least. {cmima} relates sets to their elements; it ...
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2 answers

How similar are Loglan and Lojban?

Loglan is a predecessor to Lojban, and Lojban apparently directly grew out of Loglan. How similar are the two languages at this point? Are they more like dialects of the same language, or more like ...
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5 votes
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Is Loglan still alive?

Loglan is a predecessor of the Lojban language. Is it still supported and actively used/developed, or is it a dead language?
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