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Language change refers to the natural changes in a language over time as it is used by its speakers

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History of world language

If we look at world history—I am speaking a little vaguely, since it is not possible to be completely accurate. The human race began from a single region, as you can see in the bottom image. What ...
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Anti-Newspeak, making a language harder

So, the government of Oceania in 1984 creates a new, altered cersion of English to make its people easier to control. What about the opposite? A dictator wants to make his people harder to control, ...
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Language evolution in Ido

The Wikipedia article on Ido states that there have been almost no official changes to the Ido language since 1922. But Ido has a small speech community, and therefore there may be unofficial changes ...
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Are there concrete examples of slang developing within a conlang?

One of the unique challenges of a constructed language, in my mind, is how they handle the way in which language longs to break rules. In other words, how does constructed language handle slang? For ...
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Have language regulators ever made concessions and changed the language to adopt naturally occurring changes?

A few conlangs have language regulators or academies. Have any of these ever been faced with naturally occurring linguistic change and changed the official version of the language to match? Please ...
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