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For questions about what natural languages a particular conlang was based on or inspired by

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How could the future "Kesh" language from the book "Always Coming Home" by Ursula K. Le Guin develop from modern languages?

In the book Always Coming Home, by Ursula K. Le Guin, the author created the future Kesh language and Aiha alphabet. Does anyone with an anthropological or etymological background and experience with ...
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How to develop a detailed, realistic a posteriori conlang?

Background To begin, I’ve been conlanging ‘properly’ for around two to two and a half years now and have been into it for far, far longer. However, I have yet to create a conlang that is truly in-...
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Are there constructed languages with a tense system inspired by Theory of Relativity?

For readers who aren't familiar with the Theory of Relativity, here is a sketch of how the Special Theory of Relativity structures space and time: There is a point "here and now" where the observer ...
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A Hypothetical Mediterranean Language Inspired by Both Greek and Latin

Here is the scenario: In or before the Classical Period, a king from some Greek city-state--it doesn't matter which--first brought all the other Greek city-states together to become one unified ...
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Finding inspiration for letter forms?

I believe I've mentioned before on here how I struggle to come up with forms for letters. I've tried to solve this by looking at other systems. Despite the diversity in our world, I've found it ...
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Why is Romanian not a control language for Interlingua?

IALA Interlingua is a naturalistic romance-based conlang. There are six control languages (primary: English, French, Italian, and Spanish/Portuguese counted as one language "Iberian"; secondary: ...
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Does Volapük contain any elements (order, participle, etc) not present in its European source languages?

Volapük was designed back in the 1800s to be a 'world language', but at first glance, it appears to the layman (me) to just be a mixing of Romance languages, English, and maybe High German. Are there ...
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What is R'lyehian based on?

In his Cthulhu Mythos, H. P. Lovecraft includes several snippets of the R'lyehian language, including the "Cthulhu chant": Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! We have a vocabulary ...
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What are the defining traits of a Euro-centric conlang?

I know that a Euro-centric conlang is a conlang based mostly on Indo-European grammar, or more generally a conlang that is written from a worldview (conscious or not) that the "normal" language is ...
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In what ways are well-known a priori conlangs inadvertently eurocentric?

It’s well-known that among inexperienced conlangers¹, many times their conlangs turn out to be way more European than intended, often showing features found only rarely outside of European languages, ...
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Is Tolkien's Dwarvish really based on Hebrew?

Many sources say that Tolkien's Dwarvish resembles the Hebrew language. The Lord of the Rings Wikia states that: It appears to be structured, like real-world Semitic languages, around the ...
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How much of Slovio is based on Esperanto?

According to Wikipedia, Slovio (from the Slavic word "slovo") is a constructed language begun in 1999 by Mark Hučko. Hučko claims that the language should be relatively easy for non-Slavs ...
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Is the Klingon alphabet inspired by Tibetan alphabet?

Is the Klingon alphabet inspired by Tibetan alphabet? Because they look similar..
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Were Tolkien's Elvish languages based on known natural languages?

I'm a great fan of Tolkien's books, especially The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. One thing I have always wondered about in his books though, is whether the Elvish tongues were actually fully new ...
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