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For questions about the Ido language, an international auxiliary language created as a reform project of Esperanto.

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2 answers

How is Ido helpful in everyday's life?

Constructed languages such as Ido are easy but is there anyway it is helpful. Do they have any purpose in real life other than being an experiment?
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Are suffixes in Ido agglutinative?

I was thinking what is the correct way to say "Little princess" in Ido. (EN) Little princess - Little (indicates the "size") Princess (descendant of some royal crown and that descendant is female). (...
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5 votes
2 answers

Did a majority of followers of Ido indeed switch over to Occidental?

The Wikipedia article on Occidental/Interlingue says (in this version): According to the Occidental magazine Cosmoglotta in 1928, a majority of Ido adherents took up Occidental in place of Ido. ...
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Language evolution in Ido

The Wikipedia article on Ido states that there have been almost no official changes to the Ido language since 1922. But Ido has a small speech community, and therefore there may be unofficial changes ...
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