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Questions tagged [grammar]

The grammar of a language, or its "rules", covers its phonology, morphology, syntax, as well as the semantics of its affixes and function words

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Non-decomposable TAM strategies

The agglutinative language I'm most familiar with is Hungarian, and the way Hungarian handles TAM is, I think, incredibly boring: separate T-A-M markers with no allomorphs that just get concatenated ...
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How do you handle the distinction between "modifiers" (adjectives and adverbs) and "determiners" in a generic way?

I am working on a conlang and am trying to better handle the distinction between adverbs, adjectives, and determiners. Adverbs modify verbs (and other things), and adjectives modify nouns, but ...
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Attempt to define verb inflection that is phonologically featural

My native language is Korean, which has a featural script, namely Hangul. Though my conlang isn't going to adopt Hangul, I came up with one question of curiosity: "Can there be a featural grammar?...
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How do I say "minimum age" in lojban?

Would "lo sarcyselna'a" be grammatically correct? Are there any specific rules on where to put sel and other cmavo rafsi in lujvo?
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Need help putting modality in my language bad (realis irrealis system)

For my conlang, which is just a proto language so far, I want a realis-irrealis grammatical mood system because other than the verbs, it's pretty analytical, so it would make sense to use more ...
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Question about selma'o FA

Is the fi elidable in sentences such as the following: fe tu’a lo karce fa mi djica [fi] lo nu litru?
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