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Questions tagged [gender]

For questions about grammatical gender as it relates to conlangs. Grammatical gender refers to a system of noun classes that trigger certain types of inflections in associated words.

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9 votes
2 answers

In what ways are grammatical genders useful?

In a previous question about making a language easy to learn as a second language I suggested that grammatical genders have very little usefulness. A couple of people, however, suggested that ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Can Root Words Be Derived From Other Root Words

If I said "I" was "Zha" would it be plausible to say "you" is "Zho" and from there naturally begin forming grammatical gender, or would that be too early in the language to add complexities? Also, ...
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3 votes
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Should adjectives agree with the noun in all aspects? [closed]

I am making a conlang in which the writing system is based off of Arabic but the grammar is not all that similar to Arabic or English(more justification for calling it a conlang if grammar has little ...
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