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For questions about conlangs that have features similar to European languages (either by design or by accident). Also for questions about the features that make conlangs similar to European languages.

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In what ways are well-known a priori conlangs inadvertently eurocentric?

It’s well-known that among inexperienced conlangers¹, many times their conlangs turn out to be way more European than intended, often showing features found only rarely outside of European languages, ...
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What are the defining traits of a Euro-centric conlang?

I know that a Euro-centric conlang is a conlang based mostly on Indo-European grammar, or more generally a conlang that is written from a worldview (conscious or not) that the "normal" language is ...
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How Standard Average European is Esperanto?

Esperanto is by design based on European languages, so every similarity to European languages is in fact intended. But I want to know how Standard Average European (SAE criteria listed by @Sparksbet) ...
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Why is Romanian not a control language for Interlingua?

IALA Interlingua is a naturalistic romance-based conlang. There are six control languages (primary: English, French, Italian, and Spanish/Portuguese counted as one language "Iberian"; secondary: ...
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