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Dovahzul is a language spoke by the wyrm-like dragons of The Elder Scrolls (specifically Skyrim). This tag should only be used for questions concerning this language, like usage, it's words ETC.

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4 votes
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Can you use possessive indicators on pronouns that already have a possessive version of itself in Dovahzul?

In Dovahzul, you can show possession by using se, do, ro, or dro. However, the pronouns already have possessive versions of themselves (e.g. You goes to Your). Would something like hisedok/hi do dok ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Does Dovahzul have the same grammar rules as English, or are they different?

I have recently been reading this page about the Dragon Language, and I was curious about whether if it and the English language share grammer rules. They seem to have similar bases (organized ...
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