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How many literatures?

I believe or assume that Volapük, Esperanto, Ido, Interlingua, Interlingue, and Klingon each have at least a few translations of important literature such as the Bible or Hamlet. What other ...
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Good cultures to base a robotic language off of [closed]

I've created a race of nomadic robots, but am having trouble finding a culture to base their language off of. They're peripatetic nomads, meaning they travel around offering goods and services to any ...
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How could a conlang enforce subjective idealism in a constructed world

Subjective idealism is the monistic metaphysical doctrine that only minds and mental contents exist. It entails and is generally identified or associated with immaterialism, the doctrine that material ...
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Mixed writing systems - which words should have their own symbols?

Assume that a conlang is written partially with an alphabet and partially with pictograms. The idea is to have something like the Japanese writing system. Does it follows the structure of natlangs ...
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How does the Wede:i language reflect their cultural focus on government?

We can see that the Wede:i have a focus on the state in their culture: The central fact of existence has always been the state, always essential. The southern religions had always preached support ...
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