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Do we have any conlangs which are "primitive" languages?

We have minimal languages with few words, like Toki Pona, and I have made a rough language with about 4000 words which covers most of what you would need to say as base concepts (4000 base concepts), ...
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Has AI technology yet provide a language composed of multiple human languages yet?

I'm from South Florida and noticed that my Haitian neighbors speak a language called Creole. Then It got my fantasizing a possibility that is well within our reach of no more than a decade. Using AI ...
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I'm creating a constructed language. Does this type of conlang exist?

Is there a type of conlang which tries to combine and simplify French and English? (Few word examples) I- Mi You- Vu We- Nu This- Di That- Do Who- Ve What- Ku No- No Note:- This language is not ...
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How would the grammar of a conlang develop as a creole from other languages?

Assume that the backstory of a conlang is that it developed from a set of other languages. In other words, speakers of these (different) languages were living in the same area and were communicating ...
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Are there any examples of artificial creoles of natural languages?

I remember reading somewhere of a creole-ish artificial language of two (possibly more) natural languages. In the text (I do NOT remember where it was) only one creole (I'm using the term loosely here,...
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