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2 votes
1 answer

What sounds could humanoids with no teeth produce?

Similar, no dupe: How should a consonant (IPA) chart look for lip-less, teeth-less, non-humans?Similar, no dupe: Which sounds could a lipless humanoid produce? So recently, I decided to create a ...
4 votes
1 answer

Is a language in which a person will not have rhotacism, neither lambdacism when speaking it realistic?

I imagined a language created by humans, not common humans (Homo sapiens), I mean a fictional species named tusked humans, commonly named orcs (their scientific name is Homo desertum) (which means ...
4 votes
2 answers

Considering that my elves are anatomically different from humans, what sorts of phonemes, vowels and consonants could they be capable of speaking?

For years now, I've been building and rebuilding an alternate Earth dense with geography, geology and wildlife. Among them is this world's equivalent of humans, Draculodon silvius, the "elf"...
17 votes
4 answers

What are language concepts that could be considered to be based on human anatomy?

I'm in the early stages of creating an alien language for a personal writing project. I'm trying to avoid the aliens' language having properties that human languages do that are somehow linked to our ...
6 votes
1 answer

Which sounds could a lipless humanoid produce?

In my world, I have a race of humanoids who speak a language called Gé̃kt, which is derived from various Eastern Iranian languages such as Khotanese, Ossetian, Yaghnobi and Bactrian with a dash of ...
19 votes
2 answers

Which IPA phones can be made and understood underwater?

I have a human culture that gradually develops an underwater civilisation. They still require mouth and nose breathing and will be living in air bubbles, retaining traditional phones. They do spend a ...