I found a sentence written in order to prove that Toki Pona is a complete language. As far as I know it is a foolish nominal sentence.

What is the English translation?

pona sona pi (wawa pi ma Lipija) poka toki lawa mute pi jan lawa nanpa tu pi ma Atilanisi.


A rough, non exact translation could be something like this:

The good folklore (the strength of Libya) near [probably "are part of"] many thoughts of second director/general/Vicepresident of Atlantis.

It's weird, I know. If there's any verb there, I can't see li anywhere. I think toki lawa ("talk of head/mind") means to think, but in the official book of Toki Pona, to think is also just toki.

  • It sounds weird but thank you for this answer. – Blincer Jan 4 at 13:47
  • I think the first few words should be translated "the good folklore of the strength of Libya." The parentheses are just there to avoid parsing it (pona sona pi wawa) pi ma lipija which would be something like "Libya's good folklore of strength" (relying on your translation since I didn't look up all the words, and I'm not sure where some of them come from) – b a Jan 4 at 13:50
  • Libya's good folklore of strength about many thoughts of Vicepresident of Atlantis. sounds better indeed – Blincer Jan 4 at 14:07
  • @Blincer My thoughts were that that was specifically the wrong parsing, but I can't give a better translation and this one doesn't make much sense to me either – b a Jan 5 at 20:11
  • Whatever it is, it sure sounds like an interesting language :D – Jacque Goupil Feb 18 at 7:12

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