Is there an order in which you write the strokes making up a letter belonging to the Klingon alphabet (apart from the Latin alphabet)?

Are letters from Klingon alphabets intended to be written manually, as opposed to solely being printed?

I looked at Klingon alphabets and pIqaD but neither had information about this.

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There have been stroke ordering proposals by fans devising handwriting of pIqaD. One is http://klingonska.org/writing/examples/pic/zrajm-piqad.jpg , from Zrajm of Klingonska Akademien: http://klingonska.org/piqad/. Another had been proposed by the late Glen Proechel's group:

Interstellar Language School (lead by Glen F. Proechel) has published “An Alien Writing System Primer” explaining how to write pI­qaD in longhand. (It is non-canon, of course – and to my knowledge not endorsed by the KLI.)

It was 20 years ago, I've seen it, and I don't remember it. (I do remember not liking it. ;^)

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