Which conlangs have a primary goals of avoiding ambiguity?

I know Lojban had that as a goal (and is in fact syntactically unambiguous), but are there others?


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Here are the top five best-known (see footnote 1).

All these have Wikipedia articles under their name, except Ceqli (available on Dutch Wikipedia) to which you can go via the link given.

Footnotes: 1) These languages (except Lojban and possibly Ithkuil) don't actively disambiguate phonemic ambiguity. That's the difference between 'an app' and 'a nap'. It resulted in English a nickname, from an ekename. 2) An example of formal logic, using prerequisite axioms [PERSON(a) 'A is a person', HAVE_ALIENABLE(a, b) 'A has B alienably', HEAD(a) 'A is a head'], is ∀ x: PERSON(x) → (∃ y: HAVE_ALIENABLE(x, HEAD(y))) ('Everyone has a head', 'For every X, if X is a person, there exists some Y which X has alienably and which is a head').

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    "1) These languages (except Ithkuil, AFAIK) don't actively disambiguate phonemic ambiguity." Lojban does explicitly try to; hence the use of "." as a phoneme, for proper names, which are going to violate the built-in phonotactics most readily. Aug 13, 2018 at 12:42

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