I've been interested in learning Solresol, as the idea of it intrigues me. But I haven't been able to find anything in English to learn it from (the original works on the language are in French, which I don't know).

I checked out sidosi.org, and it shows a couple of links to an English translation of the original grammar of Solresol, but one redirects back to the sidosi.org homepage, and one leads to a message saying the site has been retired from service. Other resources are also linked, and also turn out to be missing.

So are there any resources (preferably online) to learn Solresol from English?

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  • sidosi.org must have a bug, but they also have another link if you click the [+] and the link that appears (probably as a mirror).
    – Duncan
    Commented Mar 12, 2018 at 16:34

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You can find many articles at SiDoSi (sidosi.org)'s resources page or at this tutorial on blogspot. Also, I'd recommend a translation of "The second major book about Solresol, written by the other major contributor to Solresol, Boleslas Gajewski," also at sidosi.org over here.

Note that SiDoSi (sidosi.org)'s resources page has an error that requires you to click the [+] and then the link that appears because the direct links don't work and redirect you. Else see the beta version, without broken links.


Sorry I missed this question. Many of the main links on Sidosi's Resources page are unreliable, but you can view the archived copies by expanding the info box for a resource (click the + to the left of the title), or clicking the "Show/Hide All" link near the top of the page.

Alternatively, there is a beta Resources page that hasn't been widely publicized yet, and it presents the resources in a much better format than before, with no broken links. It's only considered beta because this new version was coded from scratch, and there are a ton of new resources due to be added.

There are still many original French documents that haven't been translated to English (Sudre's book, for example), so the Solresol community as a whole shares in your struggle for English resources. Basically, there still aren't any good English resources for learning Solresol, but hopefully the ones that are available help.

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