How to translate to Black Speech phrase "Eye of the Sauron is always watching"? or more simply: "Sauron is always watching", or even more simply "Sauron is watching".

and how to write it in tengwar.

As I try to translate words: eye - hont, Sauron - Shakhbûrz. always - ûkil. watch - hon- , gon-.

I used Black Speech online translator: http://www.blackspeech.ru/los/index.php?page=5

But I doubt how to make full sentence from it. And How to write it.

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I am not an expert in Black Speech, so I'm going to follow the information from the blackspeech.ru website.

The basic word order of Black Speech is SVO (subject-verb-object), as in English, so the subject is Sauron, the verb is watch, and there is no object. Adverbs (always) are to be placed after the words they modify, so we end up with

Sauron watches/is watching always

as the basic starting point. Sauron is straight forward,as there are no cases. With watch I would actually choose the translation tud-, as it has the sense of guard, which seems more appropriate here; in the third person singular this would be tudat. The adverb suffix is -arz, which gives us ûkilarz. So our sentence would be

Shakhbûrz tudat ûkilarz

With the Tengwar transcriber on the same site it would be rendered as

Tengwar rendering

UPDATE: In case you want to say "Eye of Sauron", that would be the possessive ("eye Sauron-of"):

Hont Shakhbûrz-ob tudat ûkilarz


The Eye of Sauron is always watching (in Tengwar)

There are no articles, so it's either The Eye of Sauron or Eye of Sauron — there is no distinction in Black Speech.

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