How would one go about "Showcasing" a conlang, other than by works of fiction, like Tolkien? I want to have a way to share my language to the world in full, with outlined grammar and everything.

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The traditional method of promoting a conlang was creating a booklet, often self-published and self-promoted by the conlang creator.

Nowadays, it is easier to set up a comprehensive website essentially containing the content of that booklet.

The content of the booklet or website typically consists of

  • A teaching grammar of the conlang
  • A vocabulary list
  • Sample sentences like you find in Teach Yourself a language books
  • Sample texts, often translations of well known texts into the conlang

Frequently used sample texts include The Lord's prayer, the Tower-of-Babel fable, "The North Wind and the Sun", and the Declaration of Human Rights.

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