This is my first visit here. I have been writing machine/computer languages for about 8 years now. I am completely self taught and use my own tools. I have many languages that I have completed that work wonderfully.

I have a program that I use with each language that translates in real time. Everything works nicely. My languages are around 56k words each. I use a combination of Excel and various custom tools to generate the languages.Language creation is not a easy process, but it is fun.It takes me about 4 hours to create one from scratch. I believe what I am creating is more like machine languages? I am certainly not knowledgeable about how to properly create languages as most on here. Its just a fun obsession.

Lately I have been into creating image languages. Languages based on images. I was curious if anyone has ever made a image language? How did you do it? Did you create your own custom font to go along with your language? Did you program a translation tool or app? What have you experimented with?

This is kinda the package I build with my languages. I even experimented with a meme language. A silly language using 500 of the most popular internet memes in .jpg format. With a tool to translate to and from English. It would be cool if others are doing stuff like this.


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This is only an answer to the first part of the question

I was curious if anyone has ever made a image language?

Yes, there are such languages. They are called pasigraphy or logographic writing system, and the most successful among them is Bliss symbolics (also known as Semantography) by Charles K. Bliss.

I am not aware of automated translation tools or other tools helping in creating pasigraphies.


There is a esoteric programming language (neither a conlang, nor a mainstream programming language) called Piet, whose source code is in the form of pixel art. Maybe it can inspire you.

If you can accept emoji as sort-of images standing for names, maybe adding conventional images (or other Unicode characters) to serve as verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, can work.

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