I'm thinking of a system where all fricatives look similar to each other, all plosives look similar, etc; the same base shape could be used for similar sounds using the dots placed above/below letters (see I'jām) to distinguish between voiced/unvoiced. For example ز and ژ could both be fricatives but one voiced & one unvoiced with the number of i'jām dots indicating voiced & unvoiced. As an example 1 dot (خ) could be unvoiced, & 2 dots (ت) could be voiced , 3 dots (ش/چ) could be digraphs(?) like sh/ch/th etc;. Their placement above or below could even mean something (پ/ث)? vowels could be diacritics like how Arabic harakat are used. I'm not really talking about adapting Arabic itself to write english. Plenty of those have been done, some good, some bad. I'm talking about a script inspired by Arabic, but that is really suited to write English because it is designed for English. Dots & vowels could even be omitted to further speed up writing if the dots/vowels could easily be inferred from context as in (Rasm). To use an example that can be typed: 'تُن' could be 'dot', but without diacritics could be 'date' depending on context & with i'jām reversed it could be represent 't-d'. 'O' wouldn't have to be ُ (damma), I'm just using that as an example. I like the look of connected letters but disconnected could be used too. It could be designed to be written in either direction by rotating certain letters to face in the direction of writing as was done with Egyptian hieroglyphs. It would be easier to learn because similar sounds would look similar which is rarely the case in Arabic. Has anybody created something like this or could it be created?


I created a script

سۛٗط࣫ٮ࣭هَں࣪ٮ࣮ shorthand

ٮ࣫/ٮ࣪ | ٮ࣮/ٮ࣭ | ح࣪/ج | ک࣮/ک࣭ | ط࣪/ط࣫


ه ز ں࣫ ں࣪ و ی س࣪

z y w n m j h



عَ عؘ عِ عٗ عُ u o i e a

ٮِۛس࣫ عِس࣫ سۛٗط࣫ٮ࣭هَں࣪ٮ࣮/ٮس عس سطٮهںٮ

this is shorthand

unvoiced have 1 dot above/below, voiced have 2 dots. Letters don't match their sounds in Arabic in most cases.

Edit: Here's a spreadsheet. The keyboard is linked there also. I have a chromebook, so it installs as a chrome extension, then can be used as an input method.

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  • this can be written with or without diacritics/vowels to speed up writing. عؘںۛطِ࣪سۛ/عںطس would both be "English". – jastako Aug 5 at 6:21
  • Please add a table showing the mapping between the letters and their English phonemes. Is your proposal to write English in rasm but with the phonemes of English distributed onto the letters in a way that doesn't totally match the values of the letters in Arabic? – Gregory Nisbet Sep 5 at 21:47
  • I changed some of the letters. Here's a spreadsheet with the mappings. Most of the sounds aren't the same as Arabic. I just tried to make similar sounds use the same shapes & use the i'jām to distinguish them. س࣪ is 's' سۛ is 'sh', ح࣪ is 'f' ج is 'v'. – jastako 2 days ago
  • It doesn't have to be like Rasm, it can be as minimalist as you want it to be. عࣦںۛطِ࣪سۛ or عںطس for "english". – jastako 2 days ago

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