One of the most interesting aspects of Interlingua is that during its early days there were a number of scientific articles published in it. This is in contrast with most other constructed languages, which are primarily used to publish things that are of interest only to their own communities.

Have other constructed languages been used for that purpose?

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The Occidental magazine Cosmoglotta occasionally published scientific articles.

In the 32nd publication of Cosmoglotta, a "supplement" was added to the magazine, stating that it was "necessary to use the language not only in linguistics articles". The first "scientific article" appears in the 33rd publication of Cosmoglotta, which published an article about Wegener's theory of continental drift. The publications that follow also contain articles about biology and physics as well as philosophy, economics and politics.


Esperanto is not only used to write scientific articles but there is also a scientific journal published in Esperato, namely Science Revuo.


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