I'm trying to translate this sentence:

"May we drink from the empty skulls of our enemies"

to tlhIngan-Hol / Klingon, this will be used as a toast at a friends' wedding (of all things). While my understanding of Klingon grammar is pretty basic, this task seems reasonable enough. Using The Klingon Dictionary I've got this far:

jaghpu'ma' chim nach HomDu'vaD matlhutlhjaj


  1. jaghpu'ma' is "our enemies"
  2. chim is "be empty"
  3. nach is "head", Hom is bone - I'm using nach HomDu' as a stand-in for "skulls" unless I find something better (see my other question*)
  4. -vaD (if I understand correctly) marks the sentence so far as a purpose clause, so roughly "used for"
  5. matlhutlh is "we drink"
  6. -jaj makes the sentence into a "wish", XXXjaj translates as "may XXX".

So a rough literal translation back to English is something like "May we drink using our enemies' empty head-bones"

Is this correct? Any way to translate the sentence better? Thanks.

*: Addressing this explicitly as it this question was marked as duplicate. This is not a duplicate the question Is there a word for 'skull' in Klingon - that question asks for a specific word while this question deals with the validity and best phrasing of a sentence (regardless what's the best Klingon term for that specific term).

  • Possible duplicate of Is there a word for "skull" in Klingon? – Victor VosMottor thanks Monica Dec 3 '19 at 19:23
  • @Victor - not a duplicate, but obviously they are related - this question deals with the validity of the entire sentence, which has several points I'm not certain are correct or the best way to phrase. The other question deals with the single word "skull", which I was surprised I couldn't find a cannon term for in Klingon. – G0BLiN Dec 4 '19 at 8:42

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