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Top new questions this week:

How to translate to Black Speech this sentence "Eye of the Sauron is always watching"?

How to translate to Black Speech phrase "Eye of the Sauron is always watching"? or more simply: "Sauron is always watching", or even more simply "Sauron is watching". and ...

translation tolkien-black-speech  
asked by JustOneMan Score of 4
answered by Oliver Mason Score of 6

What is the second most elaborate constructed language up to date after Esperanto?

What would be the most elaborate constructed language today in terms of size of vocabulary, complexity of grammar, number of exceptions to the rules of the language, etc.? If we exclude Esperanto, of ...

grammar vocabulary complexity  
asked by Maksim Score of 3
answered by jk - Reinstate Monica Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the word “li” in Toki pona, grammatically?

In Toki pona, words are never inflected, and many words can act as a noun, verb or adjective in different contexts. The word "li" usually separates the subject from a predicate, and ā€œeā€ goes before ...

grammar toki-pona  
asked by peterorme Score of 11
answered by Sparksbet Score of 6

What things can `la` mark in Toki Pona?

I was under the impression, until recently, the la in Toki Pona is a topic marker of sorts similar to the Japanese topic marker wa but used less frequently since Toki Pona is not topic-prominent. In ...

asked by Greg Nisbet Score of 5
answered by KNTRO Score of 5

Can programming languages be categorized as conlangs?

Would it be correct to say that the majority of computer programming languages (such as functional or procedural) are the form of constructed languages? If so, what makes it a constructed language in ...

terminology classification  
asked by kenorb Score of 18
answered by curiousdannii Score of 18

Is the alien writing in "Arrival" really a language? Can we form custom sentences?

Here are few examples of words written in the alien language from "Arrival" (film): Image source: Pinterest. Does this alien writing have some logic in order to construct some custom meaningful ...

classification writing-systems  
asked by kenorb Score of 29
answered by Sparksbet Score of 17

Borrowing from conlangs into natural languages

Are there known cases of borrowing of words from a constructed language into a natural language? Words constructed arbitrarily in a natural language don't count here. For example, the Estonian word ...

natural-languages borrowings  
asked by jk - Reinstate Monica Score of 14
answered by Gufferdk Score of 10

Should I use “double o” in Toki Pona?

In Toki Pona, the small word o has several meanings. In the official book Toki Pona: The Language of Good, it says The particle o has three uses: (1) after a noun phrase to show who is being ...

grammar toki-pona  
asked by peterorme Score of 11
answered by jan Mali Score of 7

Are there any Conlangs using Chinese characters?

The Chinese character system is one that is universal to many Chinese dialects. Two people can pronounce the same character in two different ways, but when writing to each other it is intelligible. ...

conlang-creation history writing-systems  
asked by Dr. Shmuel Score of 9
answered by Jan Score of 6
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