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Top new questions this week:

Is Irrealis and Evidentials Compatible?

I and other people are making a collaborative conlang. It features mood/evidentiality contrast. There are 4 moods: Indicative Imperative Optative Conditional There are also 6 evidentials: Direct ...

grammar naturalism tense-aspect-mood evidentiality  
asked by Xwtek 5 votes
answered by Circeus 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to develop a detailed, realistic a posteriori conlang?

Background To begin, I’ve been conlanging ‘properly’ for around two to two and a half years now and have been into it for far, far longer. However, I have yet to create a conlang that is truly ...

conlang-creation diachronics naturalism inspiration natural-languages  
asked by Tomsk 7 votes
answered by jk - Reinstate Monica 6 votes

How would you say "good morning" or "hello" politely in Klingon?

Klingons from Star Trek aren't very polite, and the language developed for them reflects that - they don't exactly have many polite ways to say things. The closest think I've found to a polite ...

asked by Mithical 7 votes
answered by HDE 226868 11 votes

How to "Naturalize" a Conlang?

Many conlangs that I have encountered have an “artificial” feel to them–all conjugations and declensions are perfectly regular, stress rules for speaking are rigorously adhered to, ...

conlang-creation naturalism  
asked by Jeff Zeitlin 16 votes
answered by Adarain 19 votes

From known languages, what are the expected features of a Generation Ship Language?

Pandorum is a generation ship movie. Generation ships are a fairly big sub-genre of sci-fi where people live for many generations in a ship while travelling to a distant star. The movie Pandorum did ...

conlang-creation diachronics naturalism  
asked by MatthewMartin 34 votes
answered by Sparksbet 18 votes

How do I do interlinear glosses for a conlang?

Already, in the meta there are discussions about if people should gloss their sample text. I find their argument persuasive that foreign text without a gloss is useless without several thousand hours ...

tools glossing  
asked by MatthewMartin 8 votes
answered by Logan R. Kearsley 10 votes

How to say right and left in Toki Pona?

As we know, Toki Pona is a quite minimal language and it sometimes not easy to come up with a word we use everyday in English. The problem is that I cannot think of a non-culture-specific and easily ...

toki-pona phrase-request  
asked by Mateusz Piotrowski 9 votes
answered by kristan 8 votes

What do double consonants specify in Esperanto?

The Esperanto word for 'Finland' is Finnlando. What does the doubled consonant specify? The Esperanto alphabet is phonemic. Why are there two consonants? Is it gemination (which doesn't appear often ...

writing-systems phonology esperanto  
asked by Duncan 10 votes
answered by jk - Reinstate Monica 8 votes
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