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Which IPA phones can be made and understood underwater?

I have a human culture that gradually develops an underwater civilisation. They still require mouth and nose breathing and will be living in air bubbles, retaining traditional phones. They do spend a ...

phonetics geography biolinguistics  
asked by EveryBitHelps 14 votes

Are there conlangs using constructed sounds?

Usually, constructed languages of all kind (naturalistic or not) draw their sounds from existing natural languages. Are there conlangs with constructed sounds, i.e., sounds that do not occur in ...

phonology list-of-languages phonetics  
asked by jk - Reinstate Monica 25 votes
answered by Gufferdk 20 votes

Are there any free online conlang creation tools?

I was wondering if anyone knows of any conlang creation websites that are free to use. I know this sounds silly but I have little experience to go on as for creating a custom language.

conlang-creation tools resource-request  
asked by James Hanvey 10 votes
answered by Oliver Mason 7 votes

How to "Naturalize" a Conlang?

Many conlangs that I have encountered have an “artificial” feel to them–all conjugations and declensions are perfectly regular, stress rules for speaking are rigorously adhered to, ...

conlang-creation naturalism  
asked by Jeff Zeitlin 16 votes
answered by Sascha Baer 20 votes

From known languages, what are the expected features of a Generation Ship Language?

Pandorum is a generation ship movie. Generation ships are a fairly big sub-genre of sci-fi where people live for many generations in a ship while travelling to a distant star. The movie Pandorum did ...

conlang-creation diachronics naturalism  
asked by MatthewMartin 36 votes
answered by Sparksbet 23 votes

Is there a middle-written language?

Real languages I am aware of several types of writing systems. The first one would be left to right and a prime example is English and also most of other languages, no matter if they use letters or ...

conlang-creation history writing-systems  
asked by creativecreatorormaybenot 8 votes
answered by jk - Reinstate Monica 16 votes

Are there any Conlangs using Chinese characters?

The Chinese character system is one that is universal to many Chinese dialects. Two people can pronounce the same character in two different ways, but when writing to each other it is intelligible. ...

conlang-creation history writing-systems  
asked by Dr. Shmuel 8 votes
answered by bahrta sai 6 votes

Can you answer this question?

Attach noi/poi-clauses to a selbri in Lojban

In Lojban, what is the right way to attach restrictive and non-restrictive clauses to a selbri? Consider the English example: It is the fourth-most populous city in California, after Los Angeles, San ...

asked by olpa 3 votes
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