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Top new questions this week:

Maximizing the distinction between affirmative and negative sentences

What are some strategies for making affirmative and negative sentences as distinct as possible? The motivation for this question is an annoying pair of words in English: can and can't. They frequently ...

asked by Gregory Nisbet 1 vote
answered by bradrn 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to keep track of a language?

At the moment I have my fictional language written down in a notebook, but as the vocabulary increases its becoming harder and harder to find words. I am adding new words all the time, so writing ...

conlang-creation vocabulary tools  
asked by Ajnatorix Zersolar 16 votes
answered by Gufferdk 8 votes

Are there any Conlangs using Chinese characters?

The Chinese character system is one that is universal to many Chinese dialects. Two people can pronounce the same character in two different ways, but when writing to each other it is intelligible. ...

conlang-creation history writing-systems  
asked by Dr. Shmuel 4 votes
answered by bahrta sai 5 votes

How would you say "good morning" or "hello" politely in Klingon?

Klingons from Star Trek aren't very polite, and the language developed for them reflects that - they don't exactly have many polite ways to say things. The closest think I've found to a polite ...

asked by Mithical 7 votes
answered by HDE 226868 11 votes

How do tones disappear from a language?

There have been many good writeups on Tonogenesis, i.e. how language acquire tones. But never have I seen such a writeup on the opposite phenomenon, which one might call Tonoexodus. Obviously, one way ...

phonology diachronics  
asked by Sascha Baer 12 votes
answered by Gufferdk 9 votes

Implications of secundative alignment

There are two different ways to handle ditransitive verbs like "give." For the purposes of this post, in the sentence "John gave Bill the ball," John is the donor (D), Bill is the recipient (R), and ...

asked by Andrew Ray 4 votes
answered by Gregory Nisbet 3 votes

Are there any good programs out there to help when constructing languages?

Are there any tools out there to keep track of which works you have already defined, managing your lexicon easily, and storing conjugations and the like? Barring that, what are some good strategies ...

conlang-creation tools  
asked by Dragon 23 votes
answered by Gufferdk 25 votes

Are there any "unspeakable" languages?

Sorry, my title is slightly misleading; what I'm after is more like a written language that doesn't have its roots in spoken language, and has no definitive translation into speech, but is none-the-...

conlang-creation writing-systems  
asked by j4nd3r53n 11 votes
answered by jk - Reinstate Monica 12 votes
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