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Top new questions this week:

How do you determine a New Letter's sound?

I'm trying to create a new language, but I need some advice. How do you determine what a new letter sounds like? Is there a pattern, or do I just make it up?

writing-systems phonology  
asked by Chris 1 vote
answered by Curtis Sheppard 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

"Turing-completeness" in conlangs

Programming languages & programs are often said to be Turing complete when it's possible to simulate any Turing machine with it. I'm now designing a constructed language for my game and I want ...

grammar vocabulary  
asked by RedClover 40 votes
answered by curiousdannii 38 votes

How do tones disappear from a language?

There have been many good writeups on Tonogenesis, i.e. how language acquire tones. But never have I seen such a writeup on the opposite phenomenon, which one might call Tonoexodus. Obviously, one way ...

phonology diachronics  
asked by Adarain 11 votes
answered by Gufferdk 9 votes

Is there a middle-written language?

Real languages I am aware of several types of writing systems. The first one would be left to right and a prime example is English and also most of other languages, no matter if they use letters or ...

conlang-creation history writing-systems  
asked by creativecreatorormaybenot 8 votes
answered by jk - Reinstate Monica 15 votes

How can I become a professional conlang designer?

There is some market for constructed languages in film, television, computer games and literature. Some conlangs designs were commissioned to linguists who did the real word. Is there a possibility ...

asked by jk - Reinstate Monica 6 votes
answered by Sparksbet 5 votes

Implications of secundative alignment

There are two different ways to handle ditransitive verbs like "give." For the purposes of this post, in the sentence "John gave Bill the ball," John is the donor (D), Bill is the recipient (R), and ...

asked by Andrew Ray 4 votes
answered by Gregory Nisbet 3 votes

How would having a logographic writing system work in a conlang?

Creating a logographic writing system for a language can quickly become overwhelming; having a different symbol/image for each word can quickly become overwhelming; it’s why Sequoyah switched to a ...

asked by Mithical 7 votes
answered by Gufferdk 8 votes

Are there constructed languages with a tense system inspired by Theory of Relativity?

For readers who aren't familiar with the Theory of Relativity, here is a sketch of how the Special Theory of Relativity structures space and time: There is a point "here and now" where the observer ...

list-of-languages inspiration unnatural-features tense-aspect-mood  
asked by jk - Reinstate Monica 11 votes
answered by Karlomanio 3 votes
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