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Top new questions this week:

Is placing the preposition before the verb natural?

Disclamer: I have a very limited knowledge about linguistics, so the things I'm talking might be completely nonsense. In German we can form new verbs by attaching prepositions (?) to it: schlagen → ...

morphology naturalism syntax  
user avatar asked by atzlt Score of 3
user avatar answered by Draconis Score of 2

How to romanize velarization, palatalization, and labialization?

I started a conlang inspired by Marshallese and Navajo, and have taken several labialized, palatalized, and velarized consonants from them. However, I am unsure how to romanize these consonants.

conlang-creation writing-systems  
user avatar asked by Eric George Score of 2
user avatar answered by Draconis Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Are there any sites you can use to develop an online course for your own conlang?

Creating a conlang is usually only half (or less than half!) of the necessary effort: someone has to be able to learn it, unless you want to keep it as your own private secret code. I use Duolingo to ...

tools conlang-learning  
user avatar asked by Oliver Mason Score of 8
user avatar answered by elemtilas Score of 6

Borrowing from conlangs into natural languages

Are there known cases of borrowing of words from a constructed language into a natural language? Words constructed arbitrarily in a natural language don't count here. For example, the Estonian word ...

natural-languages borrowings  
user avatar asked by Sir Cornflakes Score of 15
user avatar answered by Gufferdk Score of 10

Is there a toki pona hieroglyphics font?

For the toki pona language there is a writing system where each word is replaced by a single logogram or hieroglyph. There is also a web-based converter which allows you to enter a text in toki pona ...

writing-systems toki-pona  
user avatar asked by Oliver Mason Score of 6
user avatar answered by KNTRO Score of 5

Roadmap for effective construction of a novel language

I have trivially dabbled in Esperanto, Klingon, and a few other languages. Now I want to build one, and not a distorted copy of an existing one. I want to make a non-junk constructed language. Is ...

conlang-creation unnatural-features design-goals  
user avatar asked by EngrStudent Score of 6
user avatar answered by Edvin Score of 6

"Turing-completeness" in conlangs

Programming languages & programs are often said to be Turing complete when it's possible to simulate any Turing machine with it. I'm now designing a constructed language for my game and I want ...

grammar vocabulary  
user avatar asked by RedClover Score of 49
user avatar answered by curiousdannii Score of 39

How to "Naturalize" a Conlang?

Many conlangs that I have encountered have an “artificial” feel to them–all conjugations and declensions are perfectly regular, stress rules for speaking are rigorously adhered to, ...

conlang-creation naturalism  
user avatar asked by Jeff Zeitlin Score of 20
user avatar answered by Sascha Baer Score of 22

Are there any Conlangs using Chinese characters?

The Chinese character system is one that is universal to many Chinese dialects. Two people can pronounce the same character in two different ways, but when writing to each other it is intelligible. ...

conlang-creation history writing-systems  
user avatar asked by Dr. Shmuel Score of 9
user avatar answered by Jan Score of 7
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