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Is the alien writing in "Arrival" really a language? Can we form custom sentences?

Here are few examples of words written in the alien language from "Arrival" (film): Image source: Pinterest. Does this alien writing have some logic in order to construct some custom meaningful ...

classification writing-systems  
asked by kenorb 27 votes
answered by Sparksbet 17 votes

Borrowing from conlangs into natural languages

Are there known cases of borrowing of words from a constructed language into a natural language? Words constructed arbitrarily in a natural language don't count here. For example, the Estonian word ...

natural-languages borrowings  
asked by jk - Reinstate Monica 13 votes
answered by Gufferdk 10 votes

Are there any good programs out there to help when constructing languages?

Are there any tools out there to keep track of which works you have already defined, managing your lexicon easily, and storing conjugations and the like? Barring that, what are some good strategies ...

conlang-creation tools  
asked by Dragon 22 votes
answered by Gufferdk 24 votes

How can I become a professional conlang designer?

There is some market for constructed languages in film, television, computer games and literature. Some conlangs designs were commissioned to linguists who did the real word. Is there a possibility ...

asked by jk - Reinstate Monica 7 votes
answered by Sparksbet 5 votes

Are there constructed languages with a tense system inspired by Theory of Relativity?

For readers who aren't familiar with the Theory of Relativity, here is a sketch of how the Special Theory of Relativity structures space and time: There is a point "here and now" where the observer ...

list-of-languages inspiration unnatural-features tense-aspect-mood  
asked by jk - Reinstate Monica 12 votes
answered by Karlomanio 3 votes

Is there a middle-written language?

Real languages I am aware of several types of writing systems. The first one would be left to right and a prime example is English and also most of other languages, no matter if they use letters or ...

conlang-creation history writing-systems  
asked by creativecreatorormaybenot 9 votes
answered by jk - Reinstate Monica 15 votes

Are there any "unspeakable" languages?

Sorry, my title is slightly misleading; what I'm after is more like a written language that doesn't have its roots in spoken language, and has no definitive translation into speech, but is none-the-...

conlang-creation writing-systems  
asked by j4nd3r53n 12 votes
answered by jk - Reinstate Monica 12 votes
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