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Are there any free online conlang creation tools?

I was wondering if anyone knows of any conlang creation websites that are free to use. I know this sounds silly but I have little experience to go on as for creating a custom language.

conlang-creation tools resource-request  
user avatar asked by James Hanvey Score of 14
user avatar answered by Oliver Mason Score of 8

How many words should I create in a conlang?

Question 1: How many words are minimal for a naturalistic conlang? (1000, 1500, 3000 or even more) Question 2: How many words do the conlangers usually create?

conlang-creation vocabulary  
user avatar asked by USERNAME GOES HERE Score of 8
user avatar answered by Sir Cornflakes Score of 5

Klingon: does anyone actually use pIqaD, or is the Latin transliteration sufficient?

Having just started the Duolingo Klingon course, I'm wondering if anybody is using the Klingon writing system (pIqaD) at all, or whether the Latin transliteration is always used? As the characters ...

writing-systems klingon  
user avatar asked by Oliver Mason Score of 22
user avatar answered by Sparksbet Score of 15

Are there any "unspeakable" languages?

Sorry, my title is slightly misleading; what I'm after is more like a written language that doesn't have its roots in spoken language, and has no definitive translation into speech, but is none-the-...

conlang-creation writing-systems  
user avatar asked by j4nd3r53n Score of 14
user avatar answered by Sir Cornflakes Score of 15

"Turing-completeness" in conlangs

Programming languages & programs are often said to be Turing complete when it's possible to simulate any Turing machine with it. I'm now designing a constructed language for my game and I want ...

grammar vocabulary  
user avatar asked by RedClover Score of 50
user avatar answered by curiousdannii Score of 40

I want to build a language that expresses the maximum amount of information with minimal words spoken

I'm trying to come up with a conlang for a setting where spoken word casts magic etc. In this case, a group of wizards, etc. Develop arcadian, which functions to give the most information with the ...

conlang-creation vocabulary  
user avatar asked by Mike Fleitz Score of 3
user avatar answered by Cecilia Score of 6

Are there any sites you can use to develop an online course for your own conlang?

Creating a conlang is usually only half (or less than half!) of the necessary effort: someone has to be able to learn it, unless you want to keep it as your own private secret code. I use Duolingo to ...

tools conlang-learning  
user avatar asked by Oliver Mason Score of 8
user avatar answered by elemtilas Score of 6
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